Is the Building A Basic Car official developer tutorial broken?

Is the official “Build a Basic Car” tutorial on Roblox’s site broken?

I’ve done the tutorial twice. My car goes forward/backwards, but won’t turn. I don’t believe I missed any steps, as I went over it in detail twice. Has anyone else completed this and been able to turn?

I gave it a shot, it works so far

I followed the same tutorial. I swear I did it exactly as shown. I have the same problem as you where the car won’t turn left or right.

I got it to work. The tutorial has you create welds for ONLY the back two wheels to the base. I mistakenly created those welds for all 4 wheels. That must have prevented the front wheels from turning. Once I removed the welds from the front wheels, the car/front wheels would turn.

I tried it a few times and I didn’t get it to work. I recommend you watching @sleitnick’s tutorial ( (14) Roblox: Car Rig Tutorial (Part 1 - Setup) - YouTube), I did it as well for my first car system, anyways I recommend you scripting and rigging your own vehicle system.

Sorry for the bump, but this should help newer developers that can’t post on this forum yet.

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my car completely broke, but I doubt I was doing it right. Constraint cars seem to be tricky for many people

I’m trying to make the “basic car” but i can’t… It’s really hard…