Is the email no longer working?

Sorry if that is the wrong category.

I created so many copyrighted and DMCA’d clothing stuff on my account when I was a kid, and I want to delete them to avoid DMCA account termination.

I heard that you should contact for such situations.

The problem is, I contacted them three weeks ago, sending them the links of the clothing assets which I want to have deleted, but I haven’t received any response from them since.

The question is, is that email inactive? Or do they take a while to respond?

If it is inactive, what should I do to have all these clothing assets deleted? Do you have any other active emails for such situations?

Thanks in advance!

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I was in the same situation as you, as I’ve been on the platform since 2016, and now that I’ve shifted onto more development only rather than playing games. I wanted to clean out my profile to avoid getting striked.

This process will take months, they most likely deal with hundreds if not more archive requests. My request took around 8 months.


Try and do it before its too late. My account’s still terminated due to these things despite trying to remove that content. Roblox will not help you in this.


Still waiting for my response too that I sent a month ago.

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