Is the game "Hang Man" consider breaking TOS?

So I’ve been thinking and wanted to make a classic child hood game that I used to play a lot in school into a Roblox game. But I’m not sure if the game “Hang Man” is appropriate for Roblox, where you figure out the word with guessing letters. Would it be going against TOS because of the hanging part. If anyone knows anything that say it is or isn’t that be very appreciated.


I think just the word “hang” can be the main cause of your game’s title breaking TOS. You can fix it by being creative with the title. I suggest you read the TOS very carefully to be 100% confident if it does or does not break TOS.


In order to try avoiding violating roblox TOS, you could try naming the game something like “Guess the Word” or “Guess the Letter” and change the appearance and setting in game in order to keep it appropriate for roblox


A suggestion: Rename it to “Snowman” or “Snowman: The Guessing Game” or something, and you could have it draw a snowman slowly.


Personally, there are different variants amongst the tittle of the silly game we played in class. It’s a 50/50 possibility as a moderator would not moderate it, but another one would. It’s due to the cultural difference after all, and if there are 5 reports over a total of 8 months with 5 different staff members from the Roblox Trust & Safety department, I’m pretty sure one of them would end up moderating you.


thank you guys for all the helpful tips and information I guess ill rebrand it so its more kid friendly.


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