Is there a better way of doing this?

so i have a few blocks, and there is a GUI to display their quantity when equipped, lets say there is two numbers tied to both tools, tool 1’s number is 20 and tool 2’s number is 50, so when player pick up a tool 1 block, their tool 1 quantity will change, but if i pick tool 1’s block while having tool 2 on, it would display 20/21(tool 1’s number) instead of tool 2’s number because they use the same UI. so far my solution is to create one for each tool… is there a better solution that i am not aware of?

So I am really not sure what you are trying to do? Can you try to explain in another way? Only thing I could think about is just edit the GUI instead of having 2?

so i have two values, both uses the same ui, value 1 change the gui to value 1 but value 2 is supposed to show up

If it’s not working then clearly something is wrong in your script.