Is there a limit to the amount of datastores you can create per expierence

if I created 106 datastores is there a limit

why do you need 106 datastores

it sounds like youre using the wrong approach

edit: you can easily have way more than 106 keys each with 4 MB of data storage though

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it’s just a question so there is no limit to the amount of datastores I can create with datastore service?

you can have infinite keys but there are limits to the rate of datastore api calls

I’m asking if there’s a limit to this: the amount of datastores created

local a= DataStoreService:GetDataStore("a") 
local b= DataStoreService:GetDataStore("b") 
local c= DataStoreService:GetDataStore("b") 
--103 more times

and how do I remove a datastore when I am not using it anymore?

what are you trying to achieve?

idk it’s hard to explan but what is datastore creation limit, not key limite

the number is very high and still not discovered yet, but if manage to reach the limit it wont save and maybe you could tell us

this means, dont worry about the limit, just add a cooldown for each save

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