Is there a RDC Application?


I am a humble roblox developer with big ambitions! I wanted to go to RDC for a long time! It all started when I began making models on roblox in 2017, I had a main goal, to go to at least one RDC before I turn 18. I wanted to go to RDC because I’m a big fan of roblox and it’s amazing community! I wanted to meet roblox developers in person and I wanted to talk about making models and scripting. I was hoping to go in 2018, but I never got invited. I assumed there would be another one next year. So started to wait for the 2019 announcement. Then, RDC announcements came when I least expected it. I was really excited to hear RDC 2019 was in mid August! This is around the time I became a new member on the amazing Roblox Dev Forums (I know it’s crazy). Then I heard rumors that you need to fill out an application to attend RDC, and better yet, Game Jam! I want to talk to developers, teach and learn things, meet famous people, and most importantly eat snacks! :wink: I hope to attend this year’s RDC! So are there any applications I need to fill out?

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

P.S. here’s some of my work!


The apps aren’t out yet. If they were, they’d announce that.


No they would’ve, announce it so in terms no the application are not yet here at the moment .

I don’t think it’s a rumour; I’ve asked a similar question that essentially leads to confirming that there is an application to come along in about a week’s time:

RDC 2019 applications will be sent out to all Members and New Members that have yet to receive an invite. The only thing you can do at this moment is wait for the applications to be released.


Does anyone know if we will receive an email if our application isn’t accepted?

It clearly says on the last page of the app that you’ll be contacted whenever you’re picked to be at the RDC


Okay, thanks. I just wasn’t sure if I would get a message if I didn’t pass.