Is there a specific time to sponsor?

Greetings, I will keep this short and simple. My question is - Is there a specific time to sponsor? I know about all the metrics and when players are most online, but does it matter?

Sponsors either way last for 24 hours, so why do I hear that we should sponsor at a specific hour during the day? Please keep your answer simple and straight to the point.

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No there is not a specific time, but sponsoring on phone seems to work very well!

But sponsoring on phone barely generates any revenue, at least in my case.

I am still looking for more replies!

Experiment with small amounts of robux on your game and see what gives you the best results. Sponsorship effectiveness really depends on the game

I can really depend on your time zone, try sponsor 4-6 hours before Roblox gets a lot of people online, so that you can gain up players. More players = More People wanting to play. Sponsors make less robux than ads, but more people. It depends if the game is good to play on phone, if it’s made for pc then try spend more more on pc sponsors.

But If i sponsor for both phone ,computer and tablet ?

Can you elaborate more on why you think sponsor makes less robux than ads?

Sponsors are for mobile and pc, usually mobiles have a ton less robux than pc players. As they can’t develop / make anything on mobile, and sponsors attract a lot of mobile players. But with ads they are only for pc, and pc players probably have more to spend. I know this from past experience with my game, so pretty much if you want players rather than more robux go for sponsors :slight_smile:

From reading a lot of posts like these, I can say that it’s usually Tablets on weekends that get the most revenue and impressions.

So to put it together, advertising gets me more revenue even if I get the same clicks if I were to sponsor on PC?

I believe it doesn’t really matter now because of the lockdown in most countries. I am not sure however.