Is there a value abstract class?


We all know the classes that represent values: BoolValue, IntValue, ObjectValue, etc…

I’m trying to create a simple debug menu that keeps track of all values in the game, but every time i need to check if the instance is a class of a value of any kind i need to do this:

if Instance:IsA("BoolValue") or Instance:IsA("IntValue") or Instance:IsA("ObjectValue")  -- (...) then
--Do some debug stuff here

This bloats my code a lot and maybe even has performance issues.

I’ve already checked in the dev hub, however i didn’t found anything, so does a value abstract class even exist?


if Instance:IsA("ValueBase") then
--Do code to manipulate the value (Like showing it in a list?)


I am not aware of one. But if you use this a lot, you can make it a function.

function isValue(obj)
       if Instance:IsA("BoolValue") or Instance:IsA("IntValue") --[[ect…]] then
              return true
              return false

There probably is a more efficient way of doing this but, oh well… :smiley:

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Yes there is, all the value objects inherit from the ValueBase class.


Oh great, it’s strange that it’s not documented in the dev hub though. (Nevermind it’s right here)

An alternative to the devhub is Anaminus’ Roblox API Reference. I often find it quite helpful to quickly lookup different APIs and classes.

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