Is there a way for a script to get the prices of it's game's developer products?

I have many developer products in my game, and would like to sometimes adjust the pricing of items from one point of data entry - the screen where developer product entries are created/updated would be nice.

Is there a way to access that data from a script?

Without a way to do this, I do what I think many are doing - carefully creating the Items and their IDs and creating a dictionary module on the side for scripts to use, that have the same values.


Prices cannot be changed via a script, you could create a bot to control it though.
As long as the bot account has access to change the price, it’s possible.

I’m just seeking more efficiency in reading the data from one spot, when I manually change the pricing. I don’t mind manually adjusting it.

I released a buggy simulator game last year, and could come across issues where my dictionary of prices was not accurately reflecting what the marketplace developer product price would be, so my only goal is to make that more accurate, and not worry about data entry errors, in a script.

Is this what you are looking for?

price = mps:GetProductInfo(id, Enum.InfoType.Product).PriceInRobux

YES! Thank you! I should have taken a better look at the Marketplace Service. There’s quite a bit of information that can be retrieved, there.

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