Is there a way I can play sounds in animation editor

Hello. I’m animating a gun and want it’s reload animation synced with reload sound.
I want the reload sound play when I press the preview button here
so I can sync my animation to the sound while in editor
now please enlighten me
small note: I just started animating please explain it because I probably won’t understand

Unfortunately, no the only thing you can do now is task.wait correctly and play the audio , might be wrong tho

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It will take an eternity to sync it… anyways thank you for the quick reply

You can do a
repeat task.wait() until audio.TimePosition == 1
I forgot what the length property is called, but I’m sure it works

EDIT: it was timelength, I’m not sure if it detects the audio length only or it detects the current length .

Edit: ok, now I found the correct property for it, try it.

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If you want to sync it in game use GetMarkerReachedSignal. I used that and the results are perfect

But no, you can’t play sounds in animation editor unless you are using another animator plugin