Is there a way to change/detect a Local Part property using a server scrip?

so i have a throwing knife that is clone on a localscript and i’m trying to make a anti-exploit system so i need a server script to detect if CanCollid of the localknife is set to false so the server script can set it back to true or else exploiters can set it to false and tow the knife true walls and kill other players, so is it possible to change a local part or this case my localknife properties with a server script?

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I don’t think that’s possible but an alternative way could be having a LocalScript that makes a table of all the knives currently flying that you’ve thrown at the time and sends that to the server via remotevent, make the server scan the table with a for loop and check for any cancollide off knives. If it finds any, send a remote event with a table of the cancollide off knives to the appropriate client and get a localscript to handle the whole setting the knives to cancollide on. Does this make much sense?

I assume that’d make exploiting a bit harder but I cannot garuntee that as I’ve never needed to write something like that.

thank you that is also a way to do it, but for this i don’t want to use any local script as they can edit it to send false data,
i have figure out another way fix this problem it’s just to reset the value, for this example i want to clone the knife with the cancollid set to true so i will reset the value on a server script example: cancollid = false wait() cancollid = true and after that is done it will fireclient() witch is the local scrip that will clone the knife and trow it ect…

so basically as you know if you change a property on the client side it wont change on the server but if the property is chage on the server side it will change for the server and client side so that is how i reset it before i clone it, so even if they set the value to false it will reset then clone and then trow.

hoop this also help ppl that is facing this same problem.