Is there a way to check if a player joined a place through a teleport?

Hi, I’m trying to make a funky little system for something I’m working on.
The title explains it, but I’ll elaborate here:

When you first join the game, it automatically teleports you to another place, like a tutorial. After completing the said tutorial, you go back to the main game place. Since the main place has a title screen, I wondered if there was a way to check if the player had joined the game from elsewhere to remove the title screen for that player, just that one time.

Not sure if there’s any documentation on this, I’ve searched but I can’t find anything, if such a thing exists I’d love to know. Thank you in advance

This sounds like what you are after: TeleportService.LocalPlayerArrivedFromTeleport (

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looks like i wasn’t looking thoroughly enough :sweat_smile:
thank you, i appreciate it