Is there a way to check if textures/images will be flagged BEFORE importing them to Roblox?

It is SO ANNOYING when you upload all of your image maps (normal, roughness, basecolor, metalness) to Roblox and apply them to your mesh/meshes for them to all be wrongly marked as inappropriate the next day by the crappy auto-moderation bots (That literally ban people for a texture but then allow literal CP). Then you have to do the stupid and unnecessary process of putting ALL of your maps into photoshop and editing them by one pixel, exporting all of them, and re importing and applying them.

I would rather just know if I need to change my textures BEFORE I do all the work of importing and applying. If anyone at Roblox is reading this, I know you are all probably working very hard on improving the moderation system and I respect what you are doing but this is one of the main reasons I am leaning away from Roblox as a game development platform more and more. Not to mention the 80% cut that they take through gamepasses and DevEx but I won’t even start on that…

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No I don’t think there is anything like that but I had that problem before, its really annoying and gets on my nerves when I upload an image that follows Roblox ToS and some how gets flagged as inappropriate and get a 7 day ban.

But you can use an alternate account and test it just to make sure it doesn’t get flag, I’m sure there is other ways but that what I do.

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