Is there a way to check the date when a user bought a certain gamepass?

Hello everyone, as the title suggests, I need a way to check the exact date a user bought a certain gamepass. I have done a lot of digging, including looking through multiple Roblox endpoints and didn’t yield any results beyond being able to check if a user bought a gamepass, not when. It’s clear that Roblox stores this information on their servers somewhere, as you can see here.

A solution that might pop into my mind is to cache the date when a user bought a gamepass in my game but unfortunately, the time to do that has long since passed, and I need a reliable way to get it through the Roblox API (preferably) without any user intervention.

If you guys know of any API endpoints or ways to get it through Roblox’s provided services I’d greatly appreciate it.

The Normal Way you could:

You can check your Transactions by Clicking on the the Robux Icon, then clicking (lets say you have 500 robux (good job), you would click 500 Robux), From there you can check Transactions and Sales of Goods

I Believe there is an API that you could check for this, maybe you could use ProcessReceipt or a Certain function inside MarketPlaceService?

I’ll need to do more digging

That wouldn’t work for my purposes as it would require that I have access to the group, which I do not… Besides that, the endpoint that the sales page is accessing, the economy API, has been left completely undocumented by Roblox, which is likely intentional, which further means it’s not a reliable way to get that data to be used in my game.

ProcessReceipt doesn’t give the date when a gamepass was purchased and requires me to re-prompt the user to buy the gamepass again to get the ProcessReceipt which is not ideal.

I took a look at some of his posts and it looks like he using some ai to generate them

Save a formatted to your database whenever someone purchases a pass in your game.

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And unfortunately, so has your only solution.