Is there a way to check the security context level of a program that called a function?

So I’m making my first plugin, and since I want a more “command line” approach to it, I’m trying to make it where basically once you enable the plugin, you can call the “helper” function in studio’s command line, which to my knowledge, only way of doing this is to make it a global variable. I’m assuming that making it global, other plugins would be able to call it, and that’s not good considering that my plugin would be able to download scripts (and hopefully rbxms) automatically and put it into Studio.

A way that I’ve come up with to combat this is that I can make it where if the context level is less than 4, it throws an error saying that the permission level is too low

The only problem that I have for this is that I’m unsure what property (or function) it is to get the context level, and if it’s even possible or not

If you know the answer to my question, please help me, I don’t want to make an insecure plugin for my first