Is there a way to connect 3 points that are horizontally grid aligned using only one wedge?

The only random value is the height of the point.

I have the 3D positions of all three points as the only given. Everything else needs to be calculated.

Top Down

Facing Towards


By looks of it, you’ll need at least 2 wedges to do this (from seeing how triangle terrain creator plugins work).
So unless they are aligned completely on 1 axis, I don’t think you can do it with one wedge part.

However I’m not too experienced with this so I may not understand correctly.

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I believe a lot of these would require at least 2 wedges. I’d recommend reading up on this article to help you:

I already have it working with two wedges, I just want to lower the part count and terrain generation time as much as possible.

WedgeParts have a fixed right triangle shape. You can bisect any triangle into two right triangles, but you need two wedge parts at a minimum.

If there are parts in your map where the triangles have a 90 degree angle present, you can always simplify that one in particular, but nothing else.

Alright thank you.