Is there a way to connect child bones of a SkinnedMesh to constraints?

I want to make a deformable track with a SkinnedMesh. This is my first time using armatures and such. I have a working rig but I have no idea how to actually make it deform. I try changing the positions of the bone attachments nut it causes some weird glitching. I also tried to split the mesh up into multiple individual meshes that are attached together with bones but roblox can’t seem to import the rig.

I also have issues with accessories when it comes to skinned meshes, they don’t weld or appear offset.

I had to find a workaround, I can’t post engine bugs so I’ll happily share the report with someone who can.

I am starting to figure out a way I think. I managed to rig the mesh to use multiple bones that can have connections. The only issue now is that the mesh itself won’t deform when the bones are moved unless it is in the animation editor.