Is there a way to do this?

So let me explain what I’m curious about; So is there a way to get it to appear like you can see to the other side of the map? I know that the way roblox loads things and unloads them is in pieces so you can’t usually see the entire map. Is it possible to make something like this, BOTW Horizon with like a horizon? I was thinking decals but you guys are a ton smarter than me. Thanks! <3

I’m not sure how many graphics you’ll need for your device to catch the other end of the map but you’ll need to increase your graphics settings if you want to see that far.

If there is too much or little fog, you can change that in the properties of lighting where you can play with the fog end, start, and color.

If not, maybe it’ll just be easier to use a skybox that looks like that.
I would go with the skybox method.

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On max graphic settings, people should be able to see other end of map. If you want to handle that for lower render distances, you’d need to use some tricky methods.