Is there a way to get a datastore externally?

Can I get data externally? For example, in a Discord bot you could run something like:
!getgamedata GlobalDataStore Key
And it returns a table of the data.

I thought there could be a datastore web api so that accounts with access to the experience/universe/game can get data from that location, but I assumed wrong

Is there any way to do this?

edit: if there is no way, no worries i just thought it’d be a nice addition to discord bot for admins

Honestly a discord bot for admins should probably be paired with a discord bot script in your game, which would be able to access the data stores. It could also handle the banning and unbanning players and so on and so on.


it is possible, however not as good as you would exoect.

i do it by having my external server host a page with the details of the request, the game server performs a get request on that page, checks the datastore and returns the value to the external server with a post request.

it is possible as long as at least 1 game server is running, but there is no actual support for it.

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