Is there a way to give players money using proximity prompt

Hello, I would like to make a robbable bank where you hold down for 40 seconds, and it gives you 30,000 money. Is that possible yet to do and if so how?


Maybe use a local script for when its triggered to use the event and using a remote event use :FireServer(the amount or something) and in a server script just go refer to the leaderstats and something like this:

    plr.leaderstats.Money.Value = plr.leaderstats.Money.Value + amount

The local script I’ll leave to you since I don’t want to spoon-feed users on the devforum.

Thanks alot, this will help me so much!

I think that it is better to just handle it on the server. Exploiters can fire the remote event many times to get infinite cash. Proximity prompts work on the server, so there isn’t really any reason to handle it on the client.

Oh, I didn’t think you could get the player from ProximityPrompts, that must be just my old memory of past things.

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