Is there a way to load games more slowly and not all at once?

One of my games utilizes a drawing system that uses many parts, so the total part count can get up to 400k+. The game is still optimized to where it runs smoothly once everything has loaded in. The only issue is that half of my mobile players crash immediately when they join because their device tries to load so many instances all at once. At one point, the game literally filtered out 8 mobile devices to where most mobile players were unable to even join.

Is there a way to load the game slower to prevent crashing? I am willing to sacrifice short loading times to allow more people to play my game.

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You can put the objects in replicated storage, then divide these layers of parts into folders, and keep


ng and load the layers Everytime the task.wait

The only issue with this is that the game would still load in everything at once, just in ReplicatedStorage. I don’t think the error is from rendering anyways, I think it is from the device overloading, because it only crashes when you first join. If it doesn’t crash, the game runs smoothly once everything loads in.

Another small issue is that this solution would require the drawings to not be visible/in workspace on the server, which may cause issues with some of the checks in my code.

Have you turned on StreamingEnabled?

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I may be wrong, but I do not think this solution would work on my game because all the parts are in the same area inside of a big room. The map isn’t huge like most games that take advantage of StreamingEnabled.

I think it could still work. Even if it’s a small room. You could, based on the detected device, lower down the radius for each detail, or detect if a player is far away (5 parts away, in this case), then reduce the level of detail.