Is there a way to make models more buoyant?

So currently, I’m just testing some stuff out with boats, so I created a boat and then set it in water ( All welded together ) however, when I click play, it sinks to the bottom >.<

(picture of the boat)

So my question is - how do you make objects more buoyant? is there even a way?



While there is no control specifically for buoyancy, you can set parts’ CustomPhysicalProperties, and reduce their density.

Keep in mind that this also affects other physics interactions, so if you set density to 0.01 and then hit the part with another, more dense part, it will go flying at mach 4 and you will be sad.



If by bouyant you mean less dense, you can decrease the density of each part in the model. You can do so by checking CustomPhysicalProperties in the properties window and changing the density.


I’m baffled, though, since that boat is made of wood, and wood has a density of 0.35 (Oops!). If decreasing the density still wasn’t enough, you can weld a large non-collidable invisible part to the boat with a minuscule density to simulate more buoyancy.


Oooh alright :slight_smile: thanks guys!