Is there a way to move the character right and left when camera is scripted and fixed (video explanation)

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  1. What the problem? Hello, this problem is only on computer, when I am on phone I can move the character in all directions. As you can see on the video, on computer when the camera is scriptable and does not move, I can not move the character from left to right and vice versa. I can only move it forward and backward. Do you know if it is possible to fix this? Thanks

Can you send your script?

char limit

Hi, here is the part of the script that you see on the vid

	if hit.Parent.Name == plr.Name then
		workspace.Plateau.StartCamera.CanTouch = false
		workspace.Plateau.StopCamera1.CanTouch = true
		workspace.Plateau.StopCamera2.CanTouch = true	
		workspace.Plateau.StopCamera3.CanTouch = true	
		workspace.Plateau.StopCamera4.CanTouch = true
		workspace.Plateau.StopCamera5.CanTouch = true
		camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable
		camera.CFrame = workspace.Plateau.CameraPlateau.CFrame
		plr.PlayerGui.CanReset.ImageCamera.Visible = true

Have you tried testing it in game? Like through the roblox player and see if it is different?

Are you you using ContextActionService or UserInputService for the skateboard controls?

Not yet i’ll try it now to see

No and no ? Why i would use that ?

It doesn’t work unfortunatly, when te camera is fixed like this my character still cannot move right and left on computer

I still don’t find a way to do that … Help thanks

Hello i try to up this question because i still don’t find any way, thank you

Hi still need help________________