Is there a way to override WeldConstraints setting network ownership?

Question is pretty self-explanatory, WeldConstraints automatically seem to set the network ownership of part1 and part0, which would normally be fine but im using the weld between two players (each humanoidrootpart), when I try and set networkownership back it’s basically ignored. Is there any way around this?

I’ve tried AlignOrientation and BodyPosition but it’s flinging me everywhere, probably using it wrong.

Even if the two players had network ownership of their own characters with the weld, the entire effect would look horrible thanks to ping. Ultimately, the player being carried is going to have to give up network ownership of their character temporarily in order for that to ever look right. Then when they are dropped they can have control back.

Side note: Not sure how much you can getting away with this switching method, it might even be more feasibly to have temporary characters depending on your situation.