Is there a way to reserve a server for a specific game mode while keeping it the same game?

I want to know how to reserve a server for the same game but with a different game mode without having to manually create a new side place to accommodate the new game mode, and then teleporting to that place.

I looked at the :ReserveServer page in the API and there was no option to attach data for when the server was made so I can flick a value to turn on a game mode, and I realize that there is no way to actually receive data upon a Reserved Server being created. So now I’m stuck.

Again, the reason I don’t want to make a manual place to accommodate another game mode is because I will have to go and publish every place just to push one update.

You could always check if the current server is a reserved server and if it is and it’s not a VIP server (there’s a code snippet in the article that tells you how to do it but basically check if there’s a VIPServerOwnerID), then subscribe it to a messaging service. Log the PrivateServer ID and on the host server (the server that reserved the reserved server) you can use the PrivateServerID that is returned from the Tuple from ReserverServer and send that to the messagingservice along with the gamemode.

On the Reserved Server, check for data that contains the PrivateServerId as well as the gamemode and use that.

Then you can unsubscribe both of them if you want to and boom. Congratulations you’ve kinda created a “child” server

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Thank you so much! That’s a great workaround. Another question I have is, is there a way to reserve a server with a larger maximum amount of players? As far as I know, you are limited in this as the only way to configure this setting is to go into the game configuration manually.

Unfortunately not I don’t believe. A hacky solution is to raise the player count check whether the server is a “child server” or a “parent server” and if it’s a “parent server” then you can automatically just send the extra players (above the count you wanted for lobbies or whatever) to a different “parent server”.

(I apologize for the quotes but there’s not really good terminology for this type of thing and I don’t want to enforce my own lol)