Is there a way to rotate/pivot on a specific edge or point?

Here I have a part I would like to rotate. Is there a way to set a pivot point/edge of a part to rotate it on?
Currently the part always rotates on its center, but I want to change it to rotate on the edge that is meeting the middle of the cylinder.

Would that be possible or do I have to use a building plugin? If a plugin is necessary, which one?

Studio Build Suite by Fractality has a pivot tool. I highly recommend it.


I installed the plugin but I’m unsure of how to use the RotatePivot tool. Could you explain it? Thanks.

This image is where you select edges on.


If you’re a bit confused, here’s the link to a video by @DieSoft.

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I couldn’t figure it out but I’ve got it now. Thank you both for the help!

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