Is there a way to run two mirror modifiers at once?

Hey all. Just a quick question that is probably easy to answer. So I’m making a sword model, and I want for me to model on one side and it to mirror on the other, but ALSO, for it to mirror on the bottom. This is my first time using a mirror modifier, so I don’t know much about it. Please reply if you know the answer! Thank you in advance. (unfortunately, I was not able to upload something to show the problem because Gyazo was being doo doo I apoligize.)

Perhaps you could try duplicating a quarter, then rotating and moving it as per your requirements. Then you could duplicate the upper half, rotate and move it to create the lower half.
I hope this helped. Good luck with your model

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I am not so sure what you mean, however, I think you can do this by applying the correct axis to the mirror modifier, allowing you to mirror your mesh to the other side, and to the bottom at the same time as well (using the same mirror modifier).

  1. Your Mesh

  2. Mirror modifier with Y and Z axis’ enabled

  3. Results (front and side view)

    Now, you can see that the mirror modifier simply mirrored the same mesh to the other side and below as well. The last screenshot below is in Edit Mode.

I think there is no need to apply two modifiers :slightly_smiling_face:

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Okay thanks. (30 letters come on)