Is there a way to try a piece of code?


I’m looking for a way to try for a code.
If code runs successfully, it returns true, else, it returns false.

Anyways to do this?

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pcall it. Pcall returns whether it ran without errors or not.


Anyways you could send a link to Developer Hub or explain how pcall() works?

pcall as first return always returns a boolean. This determines whether the function threw an exception. true if the function ran successfully, false otherwise. The second return value, if pcall returned false, is the exception message. If the function did NOT fail, the results after the first are the returns of the function.

Here are some examples:

local successful, exception_data = pcall(function()
    return { } + 5

print(successful, exception_data)
--> false    attempt to perform arithmetic on a table value

If the function did NOT fail…

local successful, data, other_data = pcall(function()
    return 0, 1

print(successful, data, other_data)
--> true    0    1

Yeah, here’s the wiki article. Basically it calls the function it’s provided in a safe environment. If it errors, it’ll return false. Otherwise, it’ll return true as well as whatever the function returns. Here’s some examples:

local success1 = pcall(error)
local success2 = pcall(print)
local success3, value = pcall(function(x) return x+3 end, 4)
print(success1, success2) --> false, true
print(success3, value) --> true, 7

edit: it’s function not funcyion

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