Is there a way/ will there ever be a way to re-texture smooth terrain?

This information would be very useful to know for map creation/ showcases, please inform me…
Also I would like to know if there would be a way to change the size of the faces in future.
(So low-poly terrain could be possible with larger faces)

  1. You can change terrain’s color.

  2. No.


Currently, there is no method to do so other than color. “Will there ever” is a yes, but it will be a while. I don’t remember the reason (probably from zeuxcg), but I think it is either performance with custom materials, or the way new materials can be created. Something like Unreal Engine 4’s material creator would be cool, but a massive project for Roblox to do.


I feel like this is a move Roblox will want to take in the years to come. Like Nexus said, a UE4 style system would be beautiful if it could be implemented here. Honestly, with updates like “Future is Bright” I think Roblox is taking a massive step in the right direction, and it will only be a matter of time before something similar to what you are requesting is put into place.

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Is there any reason why resizing how coarse/flat terrain faces be very hard? It would be a really useful feature, and you could use it to increase performance by decreasing the amount of polys on a large scale.

I can take some guesses, but none of them may be valid. An employee like zeuxcg would be a better person to ask.

  • Memory optimizations may be difficult
  • LOD may be harder to implement
  • Texture and normal map quality may decrease
  • Joints between terrain may become difficult or more jarring. Water with anything else is a good example with the existing system.
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