Is there an easy way to reach small parts when rigging a custom model

Rigging a custom model can be really hard because the hitbox of smaller parts is obscured by the hitbox of larger parts and I can’t click on a smaller parts to rig them without moving things around and back. Is there an easy way to do this? Like is it possible to ‘lock’ a larger part so it doesn’t get in the way of trying to rig the part behind it?


As a matter of fact, yes. I believe via the “lock” button in the “Models” tab you can click on the hitbox so that your mouse does not click it.

Once you’re done click “lock” again, press on the part you want to unlock and you’re set to go.

HOGH. thanks! Unfortuantely it seems locked parts are still clickable in the rig editor I’m using u-u

After pressing the lock button did you click on the part?

yea, and I made sure “locked” in the properties was checked, but my rig editor could still click on it

Here’s me testing with “beak_upper”, it’s the only part of the model that’s Locked but my rig editor can still click on it

I’m not aware of any possible alternatives. What I’d do is take the parts you originally wanted to lock and move them up 100 studs so it’s easier to re-position them later on. I’m pretty sure there’s a way to lock them but I’m not yet sure how.

Yea, moving them out of the way and then back is what I do. u-u but thank you for the help!

I’ve found a solution; when you move a part out of the Workspace and into ReplicatedStorage or ServerStorage (or otherwise some folder where it still exists but isn’t in the workspace), you can continue rigging the model and then move that part back into the workspace and it will still have its previous joints. If a part is in the way of rigging, move that part into ServerStorage, rig whatever it was blocking, and then move it back into the workspace. The parts moved will keep their joints just fine so you can easily move any part out of the way and back without messing up the rig

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