Is there an online service to remesh meshes?

So basically, I have one big mesh with a ton of roads for the game, but the mesh contains a lot of unnecessary vertices so I hired several people but after a while, they just ghosted me with no signs of work and attempts to reach them have been unsuccessful. So I was wondering, is there an online service that I can use (paid or not) to basically remesh the roads while keeping the colours.

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Go in blender, remove the vertexes yourself or use the Decimate modifier effect. You might have to readjust the texture

I tried that before, it doesn’t work.

There’s always the talent hub to try to find another Roblox developer. Fiverr has some 3d artists, there might be one that does edits. I don’t know how/where to get into it but there’s discord servers like Shadow Developers for Roblox contract stuff too.