Is there any difference between playing with a gamepad on PC and playing on Xbox?

What I’m mostly interested in is how Tool objects are handled by the Roblox application and what I need to do differently with regards to UserInputService.

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Where can I see this ten foot interface?

10ft interface means they’re playing on a large screen (traditionally consoles are hooked up to TVs as opposed to computer monitors)

The wiki says it’s a special version of Roblox’s UI. Does that mean it has special CoreGUI’s?

I know at the very least it has a radial menu instead of the standard one, but I’m pretty sure using a controller on PC will bring up that same radial menu. I haven’t worked with XBox/controllers a lot though, so I’m probably just scratching the surface. You’d probably get more helpful information if you moved this to #Platform-Support:xbox-developer-support

xbox doesn’t have a topbar

Tools shouldn’t behave differently than they would on PC using a gamepad. For the most part, everything is the same except for some CoreGui stuff.

I prefer the xbox UI then the PC.

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