Is there any forum location where I can post publicly accessible information that I use for my assets?

Kind of an odd question but I don’t know if there’s a spot where it’s acceptable to create a public post that isn’t intended for all users. For an example of what I mean, I have this post in the Clans & Guilds subforum that goes over the roles in the group for my game. Unfortunately, editing the post is not available and in the event that I change any roles, I would need to rewrite the post. (See the post here.)

Is there any place here that I can post information that is designed to go to a specific set of users?

If there isn’t, I think an implementation for things like this would be really cool to have. It would have to be under your DevForum profile, maybe called “Profile Threads” or something in which you can post things that follow the same ruling as the public subforum, and in these profile threads you can include any helpful information for your games or groups. Optimally, you could link to these threads from your game or group’s description.

This is the developer forum, not a global rulebook. You should probably turn this in a fully fledged web feature request in the web features section :upside_down_face:


I could. Arguably, a forum oriented to developers should also include a method for developers to easily relay information as-needed to their audience. I’ll toss the thought around.

A forum is for discussion. If you want to reach your audience then use social media.

OP is looking for something akin to but for their group, so social media wouldn’t really be appropriate. The correct medium is the group or a forum post in C&G, but neither of those give group owners the proper tools they need.

@Ori_O The developer forums aren’t really appropriate for this. I’ve noticed a trend for groups to create a Google doc and then link it in their group via Twitter (since Google Drive links aren’t allowed on the site) – this is more suitable for what you’re looking for.

I suppose that’s possible. While it’s a few more hoops to jump through for people to get to said information, I guess that’s the best I could do.