Is there any HTML to GUI converter?

I’m trying to create onscreen documentation which opens a frame with all keyboard shortcuts, mouse buttons, and its respective descriptions.
However, it’s a pain to manage this using the current Studio interface.

As the structure becomes more complex (frames, subframes, TextLabels, ImageLabes), it becomes almost impossible to organize these layouts within the Studio.
It is a pain when I have to move a single line on top of another.
Worse when Studio starts to bug the layout.
Anyway, all of this makes me quit using Studio for this.

I thought, however, if I could create the entire layout in pure HTML (tables, columns, colors, etc.), and then export this HTML to Studio, that would be great!
A good HTML editor, such as Adobe DreamWeaver, allows you to quickly and visually create a complex page in minutes.
Only this import or transformation for Studio in frames format would be missing.

I ask, is there a plugin that currently does this?
Because if there are none, I believe that I will develop one myself.

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There is not an HTML to GUI converter on the market yet, as HTML is very complex with it’s styles and breakpoints, that of which studio might have trouble recreating, especially with SVG and other HTML designs.

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