Is there any way to bypass the low graphics impact particle emitters?

I understand the particle emitter density is decreased in lower graphics settings for performance, however, I really need the density to be the same on all settings. I am using particles as an effect when collecting something, the effect will only last a couple of seconds and will only be visible on the client end so performance will be far from an issue. Is there any work around for this?

Maybe changed the particles rate??

I have tried, I even maxed the rate and still is too big of a decrease in the amount of particles being rendered.

Also, with a very high rate it renders way too many particles and ruins the effect on high settings.

Otherwise I am not sure how I would even go about doing that as I don’t think its possible.

I guess you can also increase quality of the Particle but not sure thatll do much

It’s quite easy, just put a script within it, that does :Emit(1) once every 1/Rate seconds.

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I tried it and it works perfectly. thank you


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