Is there any way to fix this issue I am having with HingeConstraints?

I have an issue where if a player is using a turret, any one who comes and touches it can completely stop it from moving. I am assuming this is because it is effectively massless. Both the player and all the parts in the turret have massless enabled because a weird jittering happens when the items have mass.

Video of issue: Place1 - Roblox Studio 2021-05-02 02-01-26

The other player can both move the turret and stop it from rotating. Should I not be using a HingeConstraint? I know I could use Motor6d’s (I can pretty much just drop them in place) but they have a less smooth motion. Motor6d angles also don’t act the way that I want them to

What is your HingeConstraint.MotorMaxTorque set at? If it’s too low then it won’t push other players around. Make it very high.

I have the torque completely maxed out

The ServoMaxTorque then?
I just watched the video and noticed it’s the elevation that’s moving, not the rotation, and I assume you’re using a HingeConstraint set to Servo for that?

Ye, I am using a hinge servo for both the elevation and direction. The person touching it also stops the direction part working also

Do the parts have to be Collidable?

I have a Bofors anti-aircraft gun in my Scottifly's B-25 Bomber (now with more cowbell!!) - Roblox and I use the same system. I have a single transparent CanCollide Part that isn’t set to Massless (all other Parts are) in the rotating base and in the elevating gun which may keep this issue from happening.

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