Is there any way to recreate this UI effect?

Hey all, I wanted to know before I start trying this, where should I start in recreating this kind of UI effect.

You mean the intro or what? You need to be more specific, also I suggest using Photoshop and ImageLabels making advanced UIs.

i think he wanted the racing gui that wobbles

Anyways you have to do alot of UI tweening in loops, I would say remotes are also needed, you need an advanced Image editing tool, also gradients, and backdrops, maybe you should ask in the UI related topics as this is more UI related and GFX than Scripting.
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this is the effect im trying to recreate

That includes tweening and using positions (Elastic and Bouncy tween properties)

Add a solution if this helped!

if i was to put it inside a car, how could i make it that when there are bumps or the car spins out it moves based off of what

Well, if the car changed its y position then do a little tween to the gui locally,

With very hard work, coding, photoshop, and car mechanics.