Is there any way to test an XBox Roblox game without an XBox controller

Just as the title says. I’m developing a game for XBox and own no XBox controller, and require testing to ensure it works. I’m not entirely sure if I can use the keyboard with the XBox Emulator in studio?

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If you plan to focus on controller support (or simply just play games with one), I would strongly suggest buying one. Keyboard emulators don’t provide the same feel as the control schemes like analog thumbsticks and triggers. Amazon has quite a few XBOX 360 knock offs for less than $20.


Isn’t roblox supporting only xbox 1. How come you’re all linking xbox 360 controller and their emulators? @VineyardVine @TheNexusAvenger

Roblox on desktop will accept input from any XInput-compatible controller.


Xbox 360 controllers are cheaper, but they have the same overall button scheme as an Xbox one controller, thus allowing you to test Xbox one features on your computer without buying a $50 controller.


Well, I don’t know but you can get some wired ones really cheap on eBay.
I found some for 8 dollars ,but you could maybe find some cheaper ones if you are lucky.
I got mine for 5 bucks. Still, have it after 2 years.

I found some mobile app to act as an XInput controller, no idea what it was called though.