Is there away to know who delete what in Studio?

I am in a group of people who work together. We make asset and put it in the game every day. From the beginning when I joined that team a person in there has always been a bit mean to me because I tend to voice my opinions and ideas that aren’t like theirs. I didn’t care and continue doing what I like anyway. But a problem pop up recently is that some of my asset have been deleted from the game. I can only suspect that person but is there anyway for me to gather evidences? Is there away to know who delete what in studio?

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No unfortunately you cannot track that. What I would do in the future is to not team create your game with your developers, and ask them to submit files of their models/scripts to you instead and you’ll insert it into the main game yourself.

If the person disagrees with what you want and your opinions, then you have the right to fire him (assuming you’re the owner). There’s no point in having a developer that doesn’t like/doesn’t do what you want them to do.


From my last experience team creatnig. No, sadly. There’s no history log on the studio activity. Just constantly make a backup for your game next time you want to team create

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Sadly I am not the owner. I am trying to gather evidences so that the owner would believe me in the first place. But if there is no way to track then I guess I’ll come up with something else. Thank you for your reply and sorry for the late reply.