Is there gonna be a RDC in Europe this year?

Title says it all.
I really wanna attend a RDC because it seems like alot of fun.


There is only the viewing party located in London, Europe.


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London, United Kingdom or London, England thank you very much
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Pretty sure Europe isn’t a country; it’s London, England.

don’t sue me this is only a joke


I don’t think there will be one in Europe, but I heard there was one in North America

The answer to your question: no, there won’t be an RDC in eroupe this year. However as many has said there will be a viewing party. A viewing a party will be for one day in London England. Together, developers there can watch the live stream of the RDC in North America. This should answer your question. You can still attend the RDC in America but you’ll just have to pay lot of money to travel over seas.