Is there something better to use rather than the Touched event?

I’m using the Touched event, and it seems a bit laggy. Is there a better solution than using this event? Like raycasting or something?

Using connections to the .Touched event in itself is not inherently laggy. It’s quite possible your code is lacking debounces or anything similar. To get better suggestions it’s a good idea to post your code so we can see what could be causing the lag you experience.

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local module = {}

local Object = _G.GetObject("Agni", "Fireball")
local Speed = _G.MaxSpeed
local Damage = 20
local Cooldown = 0.5


function CreateFireball(Origin, Hit) -- CFrame; CFrame
	local Fireball = Object:Clone()
	Fireball.CFrame =, Hit.p)
	local Force = _G.CreateForce.Velocity(Origin, Hit, Speed)
	Force.Parent = Fireball
	Fireball.Parent = _G.Container
	return Fireball

function Touched(obj, Fireball, Player) -- Object it touched; Fireball; Player who shot fireball
	if (not obj) or (not obj.Parent) then return end
	if (obj.Parent == Player.Character) or (obj.Parent.Parent == Player.Character) then return end
	_G.FindHumanoidAndDamage(obj, Player, Damage)
	_G.TweenObject(Fireball, 0.5, {Size =,5,5), Transparency = 1})
	Fireball.Anchored = true
	Fireball.CFrame = obj.CFrame
	return true


module.Run = function(Player, Hit, ...) -- Player who shot; Where they clicked in world; anything else
	local Char = Player.Character or Player.CharacterAdded:Wait()
	local Hroot = Char:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart")
	local Fireball = CreateFireball(Hroot.CFrame, Hit)
	local TouchOn = true
	local Debounce = false
		if not TouchOn then return end
		if (obj.Parent == Char) or (obj.Parent.Parent) == Char or (obj:FindFirstChild("IsAMagic")) then
			if Debounce then return end; Debounce = true
			local doReturn = Touched(obj, Fireball, Player)
			if doReturn then TouchOn = false end
			wait(Cooldown); Debounce = false
	_G.DebrisItem(Fireball, 3)

return module

sorry it’s kind of messy

All of these calls to arbitrary methods in the global table is a bit odd and definitely slower than keeping these methods on the stack via local variables. It also makes it very difficult to tell what actually happens with each .Touched connection. From what I can see so far, I think you’d be better of using :Disconnect on the event connection (store the returned rbxeventconnection in a variable to call this on) to avoid the event firing more than necessary. Again with all the _G methods within your Touched function I find it hard to say anything meaningful about what causes the lag.


Disconnect actually seemed to help significantly. Thanks :slight_smile:

Also, sorry about the globals, I just need to use the same functions for many different scripts so I thought it would be useful.

Glad that that made a difference. As for using globals; that is not per se bad, but storing the indexed function in a local variable puts the function on the stack for much faster access.

local aMethod = _G.aMethod


as opposed to


each time it is called

also if the topic is considered solved to you, use the ‘solved’ checkmark on the bottom of the post that provides the solution to mark it such.


I’ll be sure to do that, thanks for taking the time to help me!

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