Is there something like an .OnCharacterLoad function?

Hey everyone,

currently trying to make this gui not disappear after plr:LoadCharacter() is run.

Basically, I’ve got 2 teams. This gui is linked to only the other team via plr:GetPropertyChangedSignal("Team") event. Basically, there it checks if the team is the correct one, then it sets the gui to visible. Though, on a team picker (which runs plr:LoadCharacter() after the team is changed) it disappears after plr:LoadCharacter()

I’ve added a plr.CharacterAdded function to try to fix this, though it only works on reset, not :LoadCharacter(). We don’t want to kill the user after they’ve chosen a team.

How can I go on from this?

Thanks in advance,

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Maybe you could try disabling the Gui Property “ResetOnSpawn”?

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