Is this a good game concept?

I was thinking of cool game designs, and I came up with a concept. Fossil Finders.

Essentially, there are different areas where you can dig, they drop items, equipment, and fossils. As you level up, you unlock better areas with better fossils. When you get a fossil, it is part of a set. There are 6 pieces of a set, including skull, right arm, left arm, torso, left leg, right leg. Once you unlock them all, you go and see Professor Dine O. Sor to revive the fossils and unlock it as a pet. They dig up places for you while you dig up your own. You keep all of them in a pen, which you can decorate.


great idea :+1: never would have thought of that lol

Good for simulator game. Nice name about professor but there must Dr Tetra.

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