Is this a good map?



May I ask, what are you trying to aim for, for this specific build?


It’s a solid start, it just needs more detail on the buildings!


Judging based on the map in general you gotta add more details to the buildings. It feels kinda odd that they have no windows lol.


I would add more models to this build to give it more life and as SplitYourGamming10 said add more details to it.

Other than that its looking pretty promising.

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Depends what the game is for, but the buildings should have more detail because it’s kinda awkward that everything else has detail but not the buildings. :neutral_face:

Its because i can make buildings im just kind of bad at placing windows because im use to being in a place without windows

Otherwise pretty cool! :slight_smile:

I just had no games to make or help with and decided well lets just make this thing because why not

Thanks for the feed back! :smile:

That’s interesting I have almost never seen a house without windows. The windows is what makes a house beautiful though in my opinion.

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Its just a place for me and my friends to just chill and hang out, because with every other place we meet trolls and other people that bother/distract us.

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its because I technically live in the basement of my house, and only go outside for food or any other thing I need.

Overall, it is very good I love the design you tried to aim for, try adding a bit more windows and try adding detail to the buildings instead of just giant brick blocks, other than that there isn’t anything wrong I love it so far, keep it up!

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Since you explained what you’re using this specific map for, you could add just about anything regarding hangout places always include games or something to do with friends or certain users - that tend to join. It could look a lot better if you created different types of buildings featuring their own shades of material and additional details.

I think changing the formation of the building could improve the design. The buildings kind of feature similar designs sized and repetitive shapes, perhaps add important details, there are many ways to make a map look ‘good’ or make it fit the current theme you’re wanting it in.

More effort could be put into this if you’re planning on expanding it or including useful ideas within it, it’s a start to something, brainstorm little ideas and try implementing them in your hangout area.