Is this a "Good Showcase"?

I was making a building game and I decided to turn some part of it into a showcase. I was wondering if this was a good showcase for a portfolio. Any Feedback Appreciated!


I think the random map generation is super cool! However, showcases usually involve really detailed building work. I think it’s a cool creation, but not necessarily a showcase.

Is it good for a scripting showcase? because I am thinking about putting this on my portfolio.

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In terms of scripting, absolutely! I guess I didn’t understand, because I generally think of showcases as building and terrain work, but I guess this could be a scripting showcase! :upside_down_face:

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I disagree with what @BluestOfFlames is saying in terms of what a showcase is. A showcase is you showing something off, it doesn’t have to be a super detailed build even though that is what is most common. Anything can be a showcase, if you want it to be a single brick in the middle of baseplate, than it is a showcase. It might not be impressive but it is a showcase.

To actually answer your question in terms of the quality of your showcase, this is what I think. It works well and looks solid. Although the terrain generation limit is super limited on how you can generate it (20-200 on X and Z) and everything looks the same. Needs hills and mountains!
In terms of whether you should put it on a portfolio, I’d say work on it a little more by adding a few more features and then put it in there.

Hope this helps in someway, take care :slight_smile:


Yeah! It’s pretty cool and very clean.

It is suppose to be a 2d map btw

Another question is how is it limited to what size it can be? X and Z can be any grid size between 25-200

@StrangeShiner I understand now. I agree, anything can be a showcase. I guess I was just thinking inside the box a little bit.

I just checked it out and this is really nice! Smooth generation though I agree with StrangeShiner that it could use some added hill generation.

As for you using this as a showcase, on a portfolio, or what have you, I say you’re good to go ahead with it. Great job! :grin: