Is this a normal thing?

I have no Idea what this means, I’m not dying or anything over here, but…

I spawned a cube and it came with Inverted normals.

Is this a glitch? or did I just check something off that I didn’t notice

This also still applies when I change the shape.
An Inverted cylinder.

An Inverted sphere.


Is this just a normal studio part (not a mesh)? If so, I’ve never seen anything like that.


It’s a normal studio part; However, upon restarting studio, it turned back to normal.

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this because it has double sided option on

How would it have doublesided on if its a normal part?

People turn on double sided to fix this issue with their meshes they import.

And this isn’t a mesh but a roblox part.


I’ve never seen anything like this.
It’s possible roblox is changing something about the default parts.

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just play around with the double sided option

didn’t know that’s a normal part, sorry