Is this a rendering bug?

For some reason my loading “gif” flickers on and off once. It only happens once. It continues to play without any more flickering. It’s not a preloading issue because both of the images had been preloaded and the queue size is 0. It also flickers in different spots.

Last frame before flicker:

“gif” set to visible three seconds after queue size is 0:
Last frame before flicker:


--preload images
while game.ContentProvider.RequestQueueSize > 0 do wait() end
--wait(3) on second one. Not here on first video
loadscreen.LoadGif.Visible = true

I doubt it has anything to do with the code that plays the “gif”, but:

while wait() do
	for stage=0,numStages-1 do
		local sheet = math.floor(stage/stagesPerSheet)
		script.Parent.Image = sheets[sheet+1]
		local column = math.floor((stage%stagesPerSheet)/stagesPerColumn)
		local row = stage%stagesPerColumn
		script.Parent.ImageRectOffset =*columnWidth,row*rowHeight)

I have no clue why it’s doing this. For anyone who’s worked with similar things before, do you have any idea what’s going on?

ROBLOX only caches X amount of images at a given time. If the cache fills up, it dumps older images out.

My guess is you’re having issue with that.

Er… This is the place:

The only thing in it is that GUI. The only two images in the cache are the two images that make up the loading “gif”. We have a serious problem on our hands if 2 images is too much for the cache.