Is this a roblox generated script? - "ChatInstallVerifier"

I saw this script while I was debugging a issue in my game, It says that It’s automatically generated but I’d like to know if anyone has any more information on it.

Script contents:

Where it was found:

I’ve searched the forum and google and there are no results at all.
It seems like it’d be a roblox script but It’s a bit weird and there’s no further information on it.


That’s interesting. No one has access to my game except one close friend in which his access lasted less than 10 minutes. My game has no free models, Infact this place where it was found in has no builds at all. This is strictly a script test game. All scripts in it are custom and all coded by me. It could be a plugin though, I’ll check them right now.


Ended up finding it in here. Weird.

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This is a Roblox CoreScript.

From reverse engineering the script it seems like it clones the default chat scripts unless it can find custom scripts.
To quote the script directly.

--- This script is used when a Player is in the game before we have a chance 
--- to put the ChatScripts in StarterPlayerScripts. This script looks for 
--- the ChatScripts in a users PlayerScripts and clones them from 
--- StarterPlayerScripts if they do not already exist. 

Why the script is persisting in your Player is beyond me since there’s only one yielding function which should not hold up the code, maybe you added your own custom player script? The last line is script:Destroy() so it’s meant to destroy itself

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you or something probably added it to your game


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This appeared once. (possibly more, I only saw it this one time) There is no custom player script either though. I don’t think It’s malicious because It does indeed clone the chat scripts are place them if they aren’t there (according to the script). It doesn’t seem to do anything else.

Well, It attempts to delete itself instantly. According to the script comments - “This script is used when a Player is in the game before we have a chance to put the ChatScripts in StarterPlayerScripts.” I’d just really like to find more information on this because It’s extremely weird and the first time I’ve seen this.

There’s nothing called a ChatInstallVerifier (unless I missed it)

This is a Roblox Script to run the chat. Everything you are doing in that folder DO NOT destroy the script or ur chat will be locally RIP forever.

I tried myself destroying it some years ago, I redownloaded roblox to make it work again. My chat was not appearing in any game. I will show u something just wait my Studio to load.

Yeah so, after further testing it is a core script. I had some other friends of mine check their folders and It’s there for them too. I’ve also checked other core script dumps and it seems to be in most of them. I’ll list a dump I checked uploaded by CloneTrooper1019 on github.

(Ctrl-F and type ChatInstallVerifier)

Seems like it is a required core script for the most part.