Is this ad clickable?

I’m fairly new to ad creating and I see a lot of ads where it shows a before and after for Roblox avatars.

What do you think? Do you think it would get a decent amount of clicks?


That ad could lead to misleading content as I have heard from others who have clicked on those types of ads. But the ad itself is good though.

Thanks, it might seem like the face is clickbait but that is an actual face from the game!

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I would never click that ad the face is creepy and why are military people “noobs” i dont get it


What do you mean military people are noobs?

Some people may consider the (noob) “cool”. And cringe when they see the (pro) [face], Just my opinion though, I think it should be the opposit. Another thing, some people may be offended if you put a avatar with “military” clothes a noob. (As in possible redirect to any military)

I also remember reading that clickbait ads are NOT Allowed, Seeing as how it says before and after. Looks like it’s intent is to tell users to click on the ad to be a (pro). Of course this can’t be true as its only an ad, Therefore clickbait? It’s also kind of weird that the noob vs pro switches from a boy to a girl, No offense but I don’t think this will have a very good click rate.

It wouldn’t be considered clickbait because users are able to put on clothes, hair, and makeup. Just as the photo shows. Thanks for the feedback!

The before picture doesnt seem like a noob at al… It just seems like a war roleplayer


Honestly, I don’t understand this at all. A soldier becomes a girl…?

I just don’t get ads like this, I personally wouldn’t click on it. But that’s just me, the quality of the ad isn’t bad at all, it’s more the concept.


That just popped up when I searched for noob, I could change it to a more traditional “bacon” head!

It basically stands for you are able to make a complete transformation in the game. It doesn’t matter how you enter the game, you can turn into something completely new!


Banner ads are the most effective ads.

You made the military person the “noob” in the ad.

You should consider making a bacon avatar as the noob. You’ll probably get a few upset/sad people that you are putting the military as the noob.

This makes no sense.

This clickbaity ad is just one in the millions of ads with the same clickbaity type.

Aso, it is full of flaws. The font is ugly. Apparently you can gender swap in your game? Also, the female’s face is so ugly it will give kids nightmares for years


Hey! Thanks for your feedback! I actually already started running the ad and it has been doing pretty well! The face was drawn by me so I really love it regardless of if it might gives you or someone nightmares haha! As far as the font, I will try different fonts in the future! Hopefully I can find a font that everyone likes and no one has any issues with!

Oh, and yes you can gender swap if you would like to!

Personally, there should be a little disclaimer saying it won’t chance your actual Roblox site avatar, as that’s what most of those ads are implying. Otherwise, good ad!