Is this Allowed in ROBLOX?

I know ROBLOX is strict with ‘gore’ but i’m not sure if this fits in that category. The players traverse a pit in the center of a planet that is the planet itself. There’s eyes, skulls, eggs, etc. Not to mention the textures on the walls and floors are ‘flesh’. Is this allowed?

Picture of an ‘intestin’:

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It’s allowed if you put that in the age restriction.

I think it’s way too graphical, probably wouldn’t be allowed

Would you see it being a problem if the ‘intestins’ were removed? Like keeping the wall textures?

Well maybe if you delete the ‘intestins’ it would look less gorish, but those bones still makes it look graphical but I’m not sure. I think the wall texture is fine cuz I have seen other games with weird wall texture and they have not been removed or anything

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